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The comprehensive reference to tools

There are very many tools for making information diagrams like...
 •mind maps,  •concept maps,  •bubble maps,  •spidergrams,  •tree diagrams,  •mindscapes,  •isomaps,  •flowcharts and  •logic diagrams.


Visit this extensive wiki with its database of tools to make your working day, leisure planning or study more effective.

Topicscape has a new home — right here

Topicscape support

Download one of the versions of Topicscape – Pro or Lite – via the link below. They are free, as in beer. So is Topicgrazer.


There you can also download the free license files for these.


Follow the link for the main Topicscape page, including a link to the support wiki.

WikIT: The mind mapping wiki

The comprehensive reference to organizing information visually

How to map out information, ideas and tasks visually. This covers many types of information map. This helps with creativity, capturing thoughts, planning, learning, analyzing, note taking and writing. Some examples: • Project management
• goal setting • problem solving • prioritizing issues • evaluating lessons-learned • structuring a new website • management dashboards • contract management

Better information systems — VPEC-T

The VPEC-T thinking framework

There's an important approach to business analysis for information systems that has proved itself in the field. It covers the vital time before the technologists start working on how to change, acquire or build the system, and it shows why that time is so vital.

Here you'll find a description of the heart of a new framework for thinking called VPEC-T, backed up with a mind map of a remarkable book about it.

About InformationTamers

About . . .

Information comes at us from all directions: Documents from colleagues, web articles, social media, emails, instant messages, passwords and other access tokens, magazine articles, news clippings, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams ...  Much of this we want to read later, amend, add to or keep for reference. If it is useful for work, hobbies or family life, we need to be able to find it later.

This site is about information organizers for your computer files, and information management generally for individuals, small businesses and global enterprises.

Get your point across & make it stick

The trick to presenting ideas and information effectively


When you present information, how can you make sure it is absorbed, retained and acted on? This is an introduction and mindmap summary of a clear and profound book that tells you the principles to follow.

The book is “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath.

Making an information organizer

Finding a better way to organize information


The first ever article on InformationTamers was the story of one person's search for the ‘magic sauce’ in building an information organizer.

Editing Wikipedia

Anyone can edit Wikipedia


What are the key things to know before you start editing Wikipedia?

Refer to the Wikipedia Editing Essentials mind map for a quick reference source for the principal policies and most-used editing information.