About InformationTamers

Something that occupies our thinking a lot is taming all the information that hits our smartphones, tablets, PCs and desks every day. Maybe you find this a problem as well, and that's why you arrived at this website.

Information comes at us from all directions: Documents from colleagues, websites, web articles, social networking reference, emails, instant messages, passwords and other access tokens, magazine articles, news clippings, spreadsheets, presentations and diagrams. A lot of this we want to read later, amend, add to or keep for reference. If it is useful for our work, hobbies and family life, we need to keep it, and be able to find it.

Who hasn't felt overwhelmed by the increasing gush pouring out of the information pipes to which most of us are connected?

This site is about information organizers for your computer files, information management generally for individuals, small businesses and global enterprises.


Here at last: The mind mapping wiki that you can contribute to - WikIT

We've been writing here for months that this was an embryo and work was going on under the surface. Well now we can reveal the result: an extensively-developed wiki, covering all forms of information mapping in a factual, hype-free way.

This is WikIT, the mind mapping wiki that describes the different types of information map; when each type is useful with their pluses and minuses and how to recognize and them; how to use them in web sites; and a wide range of articles on business, personal and educational uses of mind and concept maps.

Drawing on thirty years of mind mapping experience in personal life and across a wide range of business, this wiki already has a very extensive content plan, mind mapped of course, with interactive maps on key articles and with substantial articles already included, covering:

To see the titles of all articles, you can refer to the All Pages list. This includes redirect titles in italics that, if clicked or searched for, will automatically take you to another article on the same topic, but a differently-worded title.

It also includes titles as placeholders for planned articles. The names of these are preceded by a tilde (~) to force them to sort to the end of the "All pages" table.

There is also an interactive Flash mind map that shows you the overall plan for WikIT here:
On this WikIT outline interactive mind map, you can click on the small + symbols to open branches, zoom or reduce the map, and click on the small link images to open pages in WikIT.

WikIT will not be limited to that plan, other items can be added - by you, if you wish.


Finding a better way to organize information

Our first ever article on InformationTamers was the story of one person's search for the ‘magic sauce’ in building an information organizer.


Presenting ideas and information - and making them count

When you present information, how can you make sure it is absorbed, retained and acted on? The next piece about taming information is a mindmap summary of a telling and profound book: “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath.


Better information systems

I walked into the room for a meeting ahead of time - and found a noisy and excited argument in progress. I was just an outside consultant, there to act as facilitator, so I focused on getting my laptop hooked up to the projector and working as quickly as possible. If what I could hear going on was any indication, my first job was to calm things down, or there wouldn't be much useful work done throughout the rest of the afternoon.

We were there to discuss what the users were expecting from a new information system, and some I.T. people were about to present the results of feedback from the first round of user testing.

That particular meeting calmed down, eventually, but we were off to a bad start and it could have been more productive in other circumstances. It was like the story of the old farmer who was asked for directions to a nearby village and replied “Well, if I wanted to get there, I wouldn't start from here.”

Now, I have a different approach that brings out these problems at a much earlier stage and deals with them differently. It changes many other aspects of getting business information systems out that really deliver what's required - it's called VPEC-T and you can read about it, and see a detailed mind map by following the links here: VPEC-T the 5D lens and here: VPEC-T the mindmap


Get familiar with editing Wikipedia

What are the key things to know before you start editing Wikipedia? Refer to the Wikipedia Editing Essentials mindmap for a quick reference source for the principal policies and most-used editing information.