A personal journey in information management (contd.)

Organizing personal activities

Organizing your daily work invariably involves organizing files as well as having reminders staring you in the face. The familiarity the a 3D scene brings is helpful in dealing with daily routine and special tasks.

To Do list in Topicscape

Managing project information

From some of the earlier examples showing unwieldy 2D mindmaps and their equivalents in Topicscape. These were from medium-sized consulting projects. In many types of project 3D Topicscape can tame the masses of information that must be gathered, sorted through, collated and presented for quick and convenient use. It has proved valuable in the phases where solutions are produced: Study; investigation; analysis; and creativity.

Where 3D Topicscape is going

The 3D information organizer that this work led to now has three versions available: Lite, Pro and Student Edition. All are free. They are “personal” products. They are products for the individual to use and do not support network connectivity.



This account by Roy Grubb, formerly of G&A Management Consultants Ltd.


For more information on this 3D information manager, and to judge for yourself whether the journey was worthwhile, you may go here: topicscape.com