Viewing interactive mindmaps

Having problems with some functions of our interactive mindmaps?

If Mindjet Player files that you download from InformationTamers won't open, or display content or functional correctly, consider the following causes and solutions: If you are running on Mac OS, download the Flash version. Mindjet Player files in PDF format are not compatible with Mac OS. Also, please ensure your system has Flash Player 9.


If you are using Windows, ensure your system has Adobe Reader 9 or later and Flash Player 9. You can download and install them from here:


If there is still a problem after trying the above, try a different browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer there is a known problem with opening URL links to other web pages in PDF Player files at the time of writing (December 2008). The other browsers mentioned don't have this problem, provided Reader and Flash 9 are installed. Even IE only has it on some PCs.


You may have noticed that the design of the mind map in the image is a little different in style from that shown in the Player. We are told that this results from limitations in MindJet Player. If you use MindManager 8 and are interested, here is a link to their information about the known limitations: