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A lot of this may seem like common sense.  Like much penetrative thinking, it seems simple and obvious once put together.  It is common sense, but Green has a telling phrase “common sense doesn't scale.” A ‘hero’ may be able to keep a small team focused on the business while considering the human factors, but for that to happen in a larger team, chances are you'll need some thinking tools.  I think VPEC-T is such a tool.


And just one final point about that name.  It's actually very useful.  “VPEC-T” turns out to be a compressed mental checklist that can quickly be played back in your mind in meetings, as you write up the findings of a study or as you discuss the information system ‘to be’.


I hope this has tempted you to look into it more and maybe give it a try.  The cost of doing so will be negligible.  It will affect your thinking in a positive way when studying how an information system is to be changed or built from the ground up


The only book I know of that covers VPEC-T so far is Lost in Translation by VPEC-T's originators, Nigel Green and Carl Bate (Evolved Technologies Press).  What I've described in this article is just the essence of the new thinking, but the book goes a lot deeper, of course.  It does occasionally read as if written by a committee of consultants (hey, I'm a consultant, I plead guilty as well), but that concern quickly fades when you see the power of the message it puts over.


Sources of more information: Green's 2006 article “The problem with processes” was the first publication of some of the concepts behind VPEC-T, and his recent “Tao of IT” series of posts looks like a promising source of further thinking on the topic. The book itself “Lost In Translation” is available on

Lost in Translation


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(Thanks are due to Adrian Apthorp for tipping me off about VPEC-T.  I understand from Nigel Green that Adrian was one of the first guinea pigs and providers of feedback during the development and verification of the ideas behind VPEC-T.)





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