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Attractive mind maps catch attention, can motivate the would-be mapper and provide immediate evidence that a mind map is worthy of study.


Mind maps that are clear, provide useful summaries of complex information and show thoughtful analysis can be attractive to those looking for help on a subject.


Tony Buzan places a strong emphasis on color in Buzan mind maps. Using color grabs attention and aids recall. Colors of the rainbow are a great starting point. It is good practice to use a different color for each branch or area of the mindmap. Color coding can also aid navigation around mindmaps linking key ideas.

A basic color wheel is an invaluable asset for mindmapping – the example mindmap here covers Color Basics. To learn more about using color there is an E-Book available called Drawing Tips for Mind Mapping by Paul Foreman



Never Give UP, Never QUIT!

Mind maps are however not only for learning and organizing large chunks of information. They can also be inspirational when built around the topics of:

  • Self-improvement
  • Motivation
  • Life coaching

ind maps covering inspiration topcs are available free or for purchase on the web in various forms: PDF, mind map software files, and paper or laminated posters[1][2]. The topics that can be found here include:

  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Persistence: Never Giving Up
  • Success Secrets of Achievement
  • Effective Goal Setting

These Mind Maps have been designed as effective tools that help keep us focused when overcoming the toughest challenges of life.

Mindscapes, another form, while not exactly mind maps, have much in common and can be very inspiring.


Adding an artistic element to mindmaps is easier than first appears – if you can write; you can draw. Using simple shapes, lines and curves to represent objects brings life to mindmapping. Images aid recall and make the mindmap more memorable. Simplicity is a key ingredient. Simple drawings have universal appeal. Space helps create distinction between branches yet occasionally images can and do take over if used for effect such as the De-Clutter mindmap example here.

Balancing images and color makes the mindmap memorable and creates intrigue. Juggling big, bold and subtle, incorporating 3D and using different lettering styles helps you explore your unique creative talents and lifts your mindmapping to another dimension.


3 Bears Nursery Rhyme Mind Map
3 Little Pigs Nursery Rhyme Mind Map

You only need to show an eight-year-old an attractive, colorful mind map and see their face light up, to realize that mind maps may be a useful motivator in education.

Mind mapping is progressively becoming a component of the educational curriculum around the world.

The mind map examples on the right show how kids utilize mind mapping software applications to create mind maps about nursery rhymes. These mind maps assist them to grasp the nursery rhyme from an all encompassing perspective, thusly allowing them to build strong associations and connections that help to clarify the story in their mind.


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