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Concept mapping has prompted extensive academic research and resulting papers. Here are some that can be downloaded from Informationtamers (all are PDF files):

A semantic scoring rubric for concept maps – design and reliability

Can elementary students gather information from concept maps

Clarifying with Concept Maps

Concept Mapping – A Learning Tool for the Information Systems Audit Profession

Concept Mapping – A Pedagogical Tool for Grammar Lessons

Concept mapping – A strategy for promoting meaningful learning in medical education

Concept Mapping – A Tool for Both Sensing and Intuitive Learning Styles

Concept mapping – An effective tool to promote critical thinking skills among nurses

Concept mapping – exploring its value as a meaningful learning tool in accounting education

Concept Mapping as a Meaningful Learning Tool to Promote Conceptual Understanding and Clinical Reasoning for Resident and Distance Learning Students

Concept Mapping as Assessment Tool

Concept Mapping For Students in the Faculty of Business and Economics

Concept mapping in middle school mathematics

Concept Maps – A Support Teaching Tool to Meaningful Learning

Concept Maps – Evaluation Models for Educators

Concept Maps – Integrating Knowledge and Information Visualization

Concept maps as a tool for meaningful learning and teaching in chemistry education

Concept maps as meaningful learning tools in a web–based chemistry material

Concept Maps in the Literature

Concept-Mapping Software – How effective is the learning tool in an online learning environment

Effect of Concept Mapping On Students’ Academic Achievement

Effects of Students’ Pre- and Post- Laboratory Concept Maps on Students’ Attitudes toward Chemistry Laboratory in University General Chemistry

Issues in Preschool Concept Mapping – An Interaction Design Perspective

Make the laboratory work meaningful through Concept maps and V Diagrams

Making learning visible – The role of concept mapping in higher education

Professional development for kindergarten teachers – concept mapping

Reference List concept mapping

Serial Concept Maps – Tools for Concept Analysis

The effect of concept mapping on students’ learning achievements and interests

The effectiveness of concept mapping as an educational tool to enhance critical thinking skills in undergraduate nursing students

The Origins of the Concept Mapping Tool and the Continuing Evolution of the Tool

The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct Them

The use of concept maps, meaningful and telecollaborative learning in undergraduate science courses

The use of Concept Maps in Computer Engineering Education to Promote Meaningful Learning, Creativity and Collaboration

Theoretical origins of concept maps, how to construct them, and uses in education

Using Concept Maps to Enhance Understanding in Engineering Education

Using concept maps to optimize the composition of collaborative student groups – a pilot study

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