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Business process mapping[edit]

Eliciting business requirements[edit]

VPEC-T analysis[edit]

VPEC-T is a new approach to business analysis for information systems which is already proving itself in the field. It is a framework for thinking about activities involving the exploitation of information in companies. The approach covers the vital time before the technologists start working on how to change, acquire or build the system, and it shows why that time is so vital.

It focuses on information systems during the early stages of understanding new requirements, and explicitly delays consideration of information technology until the full VPEC-T analysis is complete.

VPEC-T stands for Values, Policies, Events, Content and Trust:

  • Value represents what the company, the users, everyone involved (and that turns out to be important) is looking to gain from an information system.
  • Policies are controls that limit how the information is handled. The policies may have internal or external origins.
  • Events are things that happen in a business that trigger a chain of actions that lead to the business serving its customers, collecting its income, managing its staff and generally meeting its obligations.
  • Content comprises information in any form of message that flows around the business and, where appropriate, outside it.
  • Trust is something that can can be an issue almost anywhere, and is considered throughout a VPEC-T investigation and the design of an information system.

There is an extensive article about VPEC-T at the main InformationTamers site. You can also download the detailed mind map.

Recording research findings[edit]

Organizing research results[edit]

Planning reports[edit]

Report writing[edit]

Gap analysis[edit]

Comparative analysis[edit]

Designing software functionality[edit]

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