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When organizing information[edit]

… for moderate amounts of information, MindManager, or Freeplane; (Freeplane is an offshoot of FreeMind and its development is generally faster and the interface is a little more user-friendly). Both allow you to attach web addresses, images and links to files to mind map nodes. Don’t move attached files though.

Evernote is a useful tool to have for organizing information on the side. It is not a visual tool, and does not even support outlining to any significant extent (just notebooks that can be stacked one level deep). But it has a third-party mapping app, MohioMap, that can take your Evernote notebooks and contents and make them into type of mind map. Very useful – an example is shown below. If you use Evernote, I’d warmly recommend the Chrome web-clipping extension. Invaluable.

For larger bodies of information and especially to cope with information overload, try Topicscape Pro. This has a 3D landscape you can fly through, rotate and zoom into, and it’s very visual. This allows you to link to any type of file, website or image, or move files into Topicscape’s control.

MindManager.jpg Freeplane2.png MohioMap2.png Topicscape-project-information-organizer.jpg
MindManager Freeplane MohioMap Topicscape

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