Choosing mind mapping software for teams

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If you often work in dispersed teams or groups[edit]

The group you work in has to attuned to a mind mapping approach, or at least open to new ways. Look at the many web based products, like Mind42, MindMeister, MAPMYself, MindMup, Mindomo or Wisemapping. See which one fits your budget. Mind42, MindMup and Wisemapping are free, MindMeister, Mindomo and MAPMYSelf allow a few maps free (with some functions only accessible if you subscribe). MAPMYself offers an organic feel and that’s useful for some types of mind mapping – many people like that. If you collaborate in planning or designing, these browser-based mappers satisfy a real need.

The ones I just mentioned have a mind mapping topology (they build round a central topic), but if you prefer a concept map and more freedom of node placement, then I recommend It is easy to use, and it allows adding linking phrases between the nodes. This is necessary if you want to make real concept maps.

Mind42a.jpg Space.pngMindmeister3.png Space.pngMAPMYself.jpg
Mind42 MindMeister MAPMYself
Space.pngMindMup.jpg Space.pngMindomo2.jpg Space.pngWisemapping.jpg Space.pngBubbl.jpg
MindMup Mindomo Wisemapping

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