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If you have never used concept maps, you might be missing something that’s really useful. Learn more here: Concept maps. In case you’re not sure of the difference, there’s this: Concept maps or mind maps? the choice.

Click the images below to see a larger version. To go to the site of the software mentioned, click the caption below its image.

For concept maps[edit]

I mentioned these in relation to and collaborative browser-based apps. That is a well-designed on-line app for making concept maps, but the grand-daddy is a free desktop tool: CMAP’. I like this a lot and, though I make less than 10% of my 2D maps with it, when I do use it, it’s because I believe it to be the best tool for rigorous thinking, reflection and verifying our understanding of a topic.

The download link is not immediately visible, so here’s help: Download Cmap here. Cmap has Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions.

A couple of others: Inspiration and VUE can also make concept maps.

Bubblus3.png Management-reason-emotions.png Nitrogen-cycle.jpg VUE2.jpg Cmap Tools Inspiration VUE
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