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This is one of 14 articles listing tools for making various types of maps. The tools are all available free of charge. The articles cover tools for making mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, diagrams, treemaps, argument maps (and similar types), maps for use in wikis and maps for information- and knowledge-management.

Below is the list of software and apps for making mind maps.

Free development platforms to support making a variety of map forms[edit]

These are programs that allow you to build programs that make information maps. One stage removed from the end-user software that most visual thinkers use. Because they are flexible, picking one representative screenshot is impossible. It is best to visit the sites to see the full scope of some of these, which can make an amazing range of map types.

Software Licence Platform Screenshot
JGraph Free option Windows, Mac, Linux
JGraph screenshot
JSViz Free Online, browser-based
JSViz screenshot
Prefuse Free (please visit the gallery! One thumbnail most inadequate) Windows, Mac, Linux
Prefuse screenshot
GeNIe & SMILE Free Windows, Mac, Linux
SMILE screenshot
transLucid Free Online, browser-based
transLucid screenshot
yEd Free Windows, Mac, Linux
yEd screenshot
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