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This collection of maps is by Dr. George Huba and represents a sampling of his musings on matters relating to health and medical care after decades of professional life as a health care and social services program evaluator. Do click through to the articles linked under each map below, because most contain more than one map, and some contain many on a range of related topics that show his wisdom and compassion.

Dr. Huba emphasizes that these mind maps do not constitute medical advice in any way. Be aware that WikIT does not endorse or validate the maps and our editors are not qualified to do so.

This article is one in a series relating to the main one on the topic: Medical profession’s use of mind mapping

Click an image from the gallery below to see a medium-sized version. Click on the caption below each map to see the full context in the article from which it came, the full-size map, and many other maps.

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