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WikIT is here to help in taming the torrent of information that knowledge workers have to deal with daily. It’s for individuals, small businesses and even large enterprises.

WikIT main areas[edit]

Wikis are very text oriented. If you can’t find the right hyperlink or think of the right phrase to search for, the information you want might just as well not be there.

WikIT uses mind maps as an added navigation layer as you’ll see on the right. Click on one of the links below the mind map image and you will be able to interact with the map in Flash or Acrobat. This map has unfolding branches and active links to other parts of WikIT. All the usual wiki access methods are here, but there are mind maps as well to give a visual overview. We have plans to enhance this further.

If you are here for the first time, you might want to start at the information maps article and use the mind map there to see what this part of WikIT contains.

Go to all articles for the full scope, but here are some key sections:

In the list of contents, titles in italics are redirected to another article (to give alternative ways of finding a topic). Entries at the bottom of that list begin with a ~ (tilde) are placeholders for now. If you can contribute to an entry and find WikIT’s policies reasonable, please go ahead. As they say on Wikipedia, “Be Bold”.

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Editing WikIT[edit]

When you add a significant new section, please illustrate what you write with stories, pictures and diagrams. This wiki is to be as concrete as possible so that when readers encounter something they find new to them and valuable, they remember it and can act on it. For an example of the style, take a look at How to make a map when you are analyzing a topic, but you can probably do better. If you can add an illustrative story to something that’s already here, please go ahead.

For diagrams, you can scan a hand drawing, make an image with your own software, or use one of these free tools: Gliffy DrawAnywhere Lexicon Project Draw Flowchart Lucidchart

Serial spamming has made it necessary to restrict editing to people who set up an account. Sorry about that, but we’d rather spend time adding useful new content than deleting spam pages. We tried going back to allowing anonymous editing one month after blocking it, and in less than an hour we had spam again.


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