Managing information with mind maps

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Many users of mind maps use them for information management.

The concept map type of structure – anything links to anything is more suited to organizing information than is that of the mind map.

As an information repository[edit]

  • For learning material
  • For reference material
  • For research findings
  • For project material

As a file organizer[edit]

As a combination of the two[edit]

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The way concept maps relate information, where any node can connect to any other, can be a useful framework for organizing information, whether as computer files or notes. Each node can be a concept or topic and can hold many occurrences of information about that topic.

Topicscape is an example of a computer software designed for this purpose. An early stage of organizing some information in this way is illustrated in the YouTube item here.

The problem of size[edit]

Using connected maps[edit]

The problem of multiple parents[edit]

Document management[edit]

Organizing web links[edit]


Organizing information feeds[edit]

Creating indexes to documents[edit]

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