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This website uses concept maps and mind maps to represent each human disease as one unit. The maps present a large zoomed-out picture for each disease and aims to make connections between all aspects of the disease.

Medication comparisions described as “comprehensive” are attached to the maps.

This collection of medical mind maps is sourced from the Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy website and are here acknowledged as the work of Maha Atef, a Clinical Pharmacist and a Healthcare Quality Specialist, who graciously uploaded them for WikIT readers to use. Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy has a YouTube video that explains the site and includes mind maps. In making use of these maps, you should evaluate the sources and decide whether you can rely on their accuracy and completeness. Be aware that WikIT does not endorse or validate the maps and our editors are not qualified to do so.

This article is one in a series relating to the main one on the topic: Medical profession’s use of mind mapping

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