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The medical profession is probably second only to project managers in
making extensive use of information maps.


Study and learning[edit]

The medical profession is deeply committed to the use of information maps in its study programs.

Eleven sources of medical study mind maps are named. They are extensive and have separate articles in WikIT, but are summarized below.

Medical mind map sources – You can browse down for outlines of what each site shows, or you can go to separate articles in WikIT that show in detail the medical subjects covered by mind maps at the respective sites by clicking on of the links here:-

Allergy Cases Allergycases.png Biggerplate medicine mindmaps group BiggerplateMedicineGroup.jpg Birch, Rowena AlzheimerTypeDementia.jpg                
ICU mind maps Medmap.jpg madhero88 Branches of Brachial plexus.jpg Medic’All Maps Medic'All Maps.jpg
MediMaps MediMaps.jpg MedMaps MedMaps.jpg Sundmark, Kathleen TachycardiaSinusPhysiological.jpg
University of Dundee DundeeMedicalMapsSample.png Vanumu ICD10.jpg Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy 50px

In making use of these maps, you should evaluate the sources and decide for yourself whether you can rely on their accuracy and completeness.

Allergy Cases[edit]

Allergy Cases is a website tightly focused on allergies and immunology. The author of the maps on that site is V. Dimov, M.D., Fellow, Creighton University Division of Allergy & Immunology and the reviewer is S. Randhawa, M.D., Fellow, LSU (Shreveport) Department of Allergy & Immunology. The maps and information there are endorsed by two relevant professional bodies: The AAAAI and the ACAAI.

This article focuses only on the mind maps, but there is extensive reference information included on the web pages with the mind maps. There is a separate article on the ‘Allergy Cases’ mind maps and the table below just outlines the topics covered.

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Mind Maps by Disease

  • Introduction to Allergic Diseases
  • Indoor Allergen Avoidance
  • Asthma
  • Pathogenesis of Inflammation in Asthma
  • Diagnosis of Asthma
  • Treatment of asthma
  • Immunomodulators for allergic disorders
  • Other Pulmonary Disorders
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis
  • Food Allergy
  • Urticaria
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Angioedema
  • Drug Hypersensitivity
  • Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (PIDD)

Immunology Mind Maps

  • Innate Immune System
  • Adaptive Humoral Immunity: B-cells and Immunoglobulins
  • Mast Cells and Basophils
  • Eosinophils
  • T Lymphocytes


Biggerplate medicine mindmaps group[edit]

A collection of mind maps on medical topics at the Biggerplate mind maps library covers a range of medical topics.

There is a separate article on the Biggerplate medicine mindmaps group.

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  • Anemia
  • Blood And Cardiovascular Infections – Bacteraemia; Endocarditis; Case Study
  • Porphirias
  • Thalasemias


  • Cardiac Emergencies – Shock and basic treatments
  • Cardiovascular failure
  • Congenital Heart Diseases
  • Heart Structure


  • Acne & Rosacae
  • General Principals
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin Morphology And Principals

Microbial Pathogenesis

  • Bacteraemia – Outline of concept and pathogenesis
  • Measles and Rotavirus – pathophysiology
  • Microbial Pathogenesis
  • Viruses & Parasites Pathogenesis & Epidemiology


  • Paediatric Congenital Heart Diseases
  • Poverty Aggregation And Childhood Malnutrition


  • Cigarette Smoke Risks
  • Multicausal Anaemia & Pneumonia
  • Tetracyclines
  • Toxicology And Endocrine Emergencies
  • Triage & Musculoskeletal

Birch, Rowena[edit]

A collection of mind maps on medical topics by Rowena Birch’ covers mainly dementia, dysarthria and dysphagia.

There is a separate article on Rowena Birch’s mind maps.

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Grubb, Roy[edit]

This mind map, by Roy Grubb, looks at the placebo effect and why it occurs.

There is a separate article on the placebo mind map.

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Dr. George Huba[edit]

Dr. Huba presents thoughtful discourse on health and medical matters in the form of mindmaps at his blog entitled Hubaisms.

A gallery of selected maps, with links, is given in a separate WikIT article on Dr. Huba’s thoughts.

They cover topics such as:

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ICU Mind Maps[edit]

One of the most significant sources of medical mind maps that we’ve seen at WikIT is Life in the Fast Lane, a website edited by a team of Australian physicians, with 353 detailed PDF files for download. Given the size of the list, a catalogue with links is given in a separate WikIT article on ICU Mind Maps.

They cover, in extraordinary detail, the following extensive range of topics in medical study:

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  • Respiratory Equipment and Procedures
  • Other Equipment and Procedures
  • Antimicrobials
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Specific micro-organisms
  • Imaging
  • Laboratory tests
  • Monitoring and Other Investigations
  • (Also see the Respiratory section of Equipment and Procedures)


iMindMaps Blog[edit]

iMindMaps Blog presents a collection of medical mind maps that use creative humor to aid memory. The site was created for a Peruvian medical doctor during his preparation to take the United States Medical License (USMLE) exams. Not all images are mind maps, but the author understands the power of visualization in learning, with witty, illustrated mnemonic aids.

There is a separate article about the iMindMaps Blog.

Topics covered are these:

  • Anatomy
  • Behavioral Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Cardiovascular
  • Embryology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Genetics
  • Hematology
  • Microbiology
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Pharmacology
  • Reproductive
  • Respiratory
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This collection of medical mind maps are sourced from the Wikipedia user page of Madhero88 and are here acknowledged as the work of Madhero88 (Maen K A), who has released them under the Creative commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Thumbnail and full sized images are here: Medical mind map sources – madhero88

Branches of Brachial plexus

Topics covered are these:

  • Alkaline phosphatase
  • Aspirin
  • Aspirin – Adverse effects and drug interactions
  • Axilla
  • Beta blockers
  • Brachial plexus
  • Carpal tunnel and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Excess lead
  • Growth hormone physiology, summary
  • Hyperkalemia
  • Inguinal region and Inguinal Hernia
  • Lower limb muscle innervation
  • Lung cancer types
  • Metabolic syndrome mind map
  • Neuromuscular depolarizing agents
  • Neuromuscular blockers nondepolarizing agents
  • Patient history taking
  • Shoulder joint
  • Skull fracture
  • Smoking health effects
  • Upper arm fractures
  • Upper limb muscle innervation


Medic’All Maps[edit]

“Cartes en médecine” is a site in French with maps covering
topics in the list below. These are covered in more detail in a
separate WikIT article

  • Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD)
  • Cancer (Cancérologie)
  • Hepato-Gastroenterology (Hépato-gastro-entérologie)
  • Infectious diseases (Infectiologie)
  • General medicine (Médecine générale)
  • Medico-social (Médico-social)
  • Nutrition
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (Oto-rhino-laryngologie)
  • Pulmonology (Pneumologie)
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MediMaps is a website aimed at medical students. The information is deliberately concise to ensure 1) relevancy for a student (as apposed to a consultant) and 2) ease of memorisation. Approximately 80 diseases are mapped out, all of which can be downloaded and edited with free software from Tufts University VUE (in versions for Windows/Mac OSX/Linux).

There is a separate article on MediMaps with table of medical topics covered, and a link.

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MedMaps UK is a site offering mind maps on medical topics to medical professionals. Quote “The purpose of this website is to create a collection of free medical mindmaps in order to facilitate learning of complex topics.”

There is a separate article on Medmaps.

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Sundmark, Kathleen[edit]

A collection of mind maps on medical topics by Kathleen Sundmark has a focused group on diabetes as well as some maps on general medical topics.

In making use of these maps, you should evaluate the sources and decide whether you can rely on their accuracy and completeness. Be aware that WikIT does not endorse or validate the maps and our editors are not qualified to do so. Some of the remedies mentioned in these maps may include information that is anecdotal and not based on randomized, doubled-blinded clinical trials.

There is a separate article on Kathleen Sundmarks maps, with links.

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Diabetes and Insulin[edit]

  • Insulin Maps
  • Insulin Functions
  • Insulin Disorders
  • Low Insulin Levels and Type I Diabetes
  • Hyperinsulinemia and Type II Diabetes
  • Glycation – and other complications of diabetes


  • Autoimmune Disorders: Factors to Evaluate in Clinical Management
  • Tachycardia: Sinus, Physiological
  • Stasis Dermatitis
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • Biofilms – A Book Review
  • others….

University of Dundee[edit]

Mind maps from the University of Dundee, UK, can be downloaded and saved and a viewer for the Thoughtograph software can be accessed from a link at the same site. This allows the mind maps to be viewed and you can interact with them – opening and closing branches and exploring different areas, though not making changes.
 Lecture mind maps covering the following topics can be found at the site:

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Year 1[edit]

  • Cardiovascular Lectures
  • Genito Urinary Renal Lectures
  • Introduction to Systems of the Body Lectures       
  • Musculoskeletal – Action Potentials
  • Musculoskeletal Lectures
  • Respiration Lectures

Year 2[edit]

  • Cardiovascular Lectures
  • Haematology Lectures
  • Respiratory Lectures

Year 3[edit]

  • Ageing and Health Lectures
  • Dermatology Lectures
  • Life Cycle and Reproduction Lectures                   
  • Musculoskeletal Lectures
  • Ophthalmology Lectures
  • Renal and Urology Lectures
  • Dermatology – Medico-Legal Implications
  • Musculoskeletal – Concepts in Arthritis
  • Ophthalmology – The Red Eye
  • Renal and Urology – Urinary Incontinence
  • Reproduction Lectures

Clinical textbook maps[edit]

220 mind maps derived from clinical textbooks are provided for the following topics:

  • Clinical medicine
  • Ear, Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgery
  • Head and Neck Neoplasia
  • Cardiology
  • Respiratory System
  • Central Nervous System
  • Blood Disease
  • Kidney
  • Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Endocrine
  • Connective tissues and joints
  • Infectious diseases
  • Tropical
  • Systemic disease and the mouth[edit]

Vandstar7 has provided mind maps of The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision[1] at Vanumu.

Vanstar7 acknowledges Andrey Aleksanyants MD as the provider of the information from which the mind maps were made.

From Wikipedia: “The … ICD provides codes to classify diseases and a wide variety of signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances, and external causes of injury or disease. Under this system, every health condition can be assigned to a unique category and given a code, up to six characters long.

“The [ICD] is published by the World Health Organization…” Retrieved 2010/1/19

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Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy[edit]

Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy, with its large zoomed out picture for each disease showing connections between all its aspects, is designed for those studying, practising, or teaching pharmacotherapy with links to more full-sized maps.

There is a separate article on Zoom out – Pharmacotherapy.

Topics covered so far are these:

  • Urinary Tract Infection in adults
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Asthma
  • Peptic Ulcer Disease
Peptic Ulcer Diseases

Other visual methods[edit]

Michael Natter used cartoons, drawn in lectures and as he studied. Many others have found his work useful. Applying visual techniques to med school lessons and Mike Natter, Artist and MD Candidate at Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. (In case they cease to be available online, here they are on freezepage.) Here’s a part of one cartoon: Mnatter.jpg

See many more examples of his work on his Instagram pages.

Continuing Professional Development[edit]

Books of medical maps[edit]

Mind Maps in Surgery
Pouya Youssefi
MindMapsInSurgery.jpg Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior with Concept Maps and Reviews
Dennis Coon
MedMaps for Pathophysiology
Yasmeen Agosti
MedMaps4Pathophysiology.jpg Mind Maps in Pathology
Peter A. Dervan
Mind Maps in Medicine
P. McDermott & D. N. Clarke
MindMapsInMedicine.jpg Mind Mapping, Cognitive Impairment, and Dementia (Huba’s Bolero)
G. J. Huba PhD

Practise reference information[edit]

The Visual Medical Dictionary allows you to enter a disease, drug or therapy name and start exploring relationships. It yields a result in a form close to a mind map.

Organizing large medical reference sources[edit]


Navigating to appropriate sources[edit]


For free information about the hundreds of
visual thinking tools available, visit the

Visual Thinking Center