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Mobile mapping apps from ANTLA to EDNA[edit]

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Mapping tool Logo iPad iPhone Android Publisher Comments Example
ANTLA ANTLA.jpg Free Wriggle Monster This app makes rather idiosyncratic maps that I find hard to read. ANTLA-example.jpg
BigMind BigMind Pro.jpg Free Appxy Difference between free and Pro version not stated. BigMind-example.jpg
BigMind Pro BigMind.jpg $5 A sensible and well-equipped mapper. Mind maps can be password-protected.
Cell Storming Free Cell Storming Free.jpg Free Tim Foster The free version cannot export maps. Cell Storming-example.jpg
Cell Storming Cell Storming.jpg $4 The honeycomb arrangement is less flexible than the usual mind map, but appeals to some. Media files can be embedded in cells.
Cell Storming Pro Cell Storming Pro.jpg $7
Cell Storming Presenter Cell Storming Presenter.jpg $7
Cloud Mind Map Cloud Mind Map.jpg $2 Dmyto Vlasenko This appears to have the ability to add linking phrases, so may be able to make concept maps, but the very limited examples in the iTunes entry make it uncertain that it offers the ‘anything can connect to anything’ topology. Cloud Mind Map-example.jpg
Connected Mind Connected Mind.jpg Free $3 Keith Coughtrey Colorful, organic, funky and aimed at classroom use. It can connect to the Cloud. Connected Mind-example.jpg
Connected Mind Free Free The Android free version does not permit adding your own photos to maps, adding images from the internet, viewing notes or accessing the advanced colors features.
Cubetto Mindmap Cubetto MindMap.jpg $1 Semture GmbH This makes neat maps and, with various in-app purchases, is extensible into many other forms of visual model. Cubetto MindMap-example.jpg
Deftmind Deftmind.jpg Free Davood Khoshfetratghazini Creative and original approach Deftmind-example.jpg
(full-vsn) $6 The full version is an in-app purchase that allows saving and export/import. Send graphs as an image or a deftmind source file. Also import sent documents.
Dream-X Dream-X.jpg $7 Pravel Tarabrin Nice UI, easy to use for quick mapping but limited. Dream-X-example.jpg
Dream-X Lite Dream-X Lite.jpg $1
DropMind DropMind.jpg $8 Seavus DOOL DropMind is a well-established tool with PC and on-line versions (I reviewed it here.) DropMind-example.jpg
DropMind Lite Free Lite cannot make outlines or synchronize to the web app, SharePoint, DropBox or Box.
EDNA EDNA.jpg $2 Passing Score LLC This reminds me of the long-gone Google Wonder Wheel (remember that?) It can also convert a mindmap to an outline. EDNA-example.jpg


Mobile mapping apps from Fluent to Inspiration.

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