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Mobile mapping apps from Fluent to Inspiration[edit]

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Mapping tool Logo iPad iPhone Android Publisher Comments Example
Fluent MindMap Fluent Mind Map.jpg $2 Accidental Fish Ltd Fluent Mind Map-example.jpg
FreeMindLite FreeMindLite.jpg Free Yonglei Zhang This is a viewer for maps made in the PC software FreeMind, or in this developer’s own iOS app iFreeMind. FreeMindLite-example.jpg
Headspace Headspace.jpg $4 Flat Black Films Inc One of the more unusual mappers, working in 3D. The UI takes some getting used to. Headspace-example.jpg
Headspace Lite Free
iBlueSky IBlueSky.jpg $10 Tenero Software A conventional bubble chart maker, with useful import and export options from PC mapping products. IBlueSky-example.jpg
iBrainStormer IBrainstormer.jpg $1 iVinnyApps Inc. Decorative effects (transparency and shadows) may appeal to some, but I don’t feel they aid clarity. IBrainstormer-example.jpg
iBrainStormer Free Free Limitations of free version not stated.
Idea Sketch Idea Sketch.jpg Free NoSleep Software LLC For simple mind maps in pastel colors. Can convert a map to an outline and a text outline to a map. Claims that it can make flowcharts or concept maps should be treated with caution. In app purchase $3.50 allows sharing with other devices. Idea Sketch-example.jpg
iFreeMind IFreeMind.jpg $5 Yonglei Zhang It’s a pity this has no native iPad version. IFreeMind-example.jpg
iMindMap IMindMapL.jpg Free Free ThinkBuzan A small iPhone screen is not the ideal place for mind mapping, but the way iMindMap operates is the best I’ve found in this specific context. IMindMap HD-example.jpg
iMindMap HD IMindMap HD.jpg Free Free The mobile version of one of the canonical desktop mappers, designed by Tony Buzan’s company, and the one most capable of making organic mind maps as Buzan envisages them. iMindMap HD Plus is obtained via an in-app purchase.
iMindMap HD Plus $14
iMindMap Edu IMindMap Edu.jpg $14
iModeler IMODELER.jpg Free Consideo GmbH This is not exactly for mind mapping, it’s closer to a simplified form of Southbeach Notation, but it is useful for visual modeling and Systems Thinking. However, the meat is in the on-line web app, a subscription to which is from EUR120 – 240 a year. IMODELER-example.jpg
Inspiration Maps Inspiration Maps.jpg $10 Inspiration Software, Inc. Very flexible and capable. Worth the cost. This can make concept maps as well as mind maps. Inspiration Maps-example.jpg
Inspiration Maps Lite Free When I last looked, this was little more than a demo.


Mobile mapping apps from Instagrok to Mind Tux

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