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Mobile mapping apps from Instagrok to Mind Tux[edit]


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Mapping tool Logo iPad iPhone Android Publisher Comments Example
instaGrok InstaGrokL.jpg Free instaGrok Inc. This builds a one or two-level mind map from a search term you provide. Tapping on a node makes the contents of that node a new search term, so exploring and discovering is intuitive. With each ‘grokked’ topic, a pack of key facts, website links, images, concepts and videos is delivered. You can make your own notes as well. InstaGrok-example.jpg
Instaviz Instaviz.jpg $10 Pixelglow Software Pty. Ltd. This may suit if you like drawing your mind maps by hand, but I find its user interface frustrating: For example, select an object and shake the iPad vigorously to delete it. Instaviz-example.jpg
iThoughts IThoughts.jpg $8 Craig Scott This has the same import/export capabilities as its elder brother, iThoughtsHD. IThoughtsHD-example.jpg
iThoughts HD $10 This should be in the toolbox of every mindmapper with an iPad. It is full featured, good looking, under constant development, is easy to use and has exceptional import/export capabilities.
Kidspiration Maps Kidspiration Maps.jpg $10 Inspiration Software, Inc. Inspiration Maps for the younger user. Kidspiration Maps-example.jpg
Kidspiration Maps Lite Free
Lucidchart Lucidchart.jpg Free Lucid Software Inc. Can make mind maps as well as flowcharts, process maps, wireframes, UML diagrams, Venn diagrams, and even iOS mockups. Lucidchart-example.jpg
MagicalPad MagicalPad.jpg Free MagicalPad LLC MagicalPad HD-example.jpg
MagicalPad HD $20
MarginNote MarginNote.jpg Free Sun Min MarginNote-example.jpg
(full-vsn) $6 The full version is obtained via an in-app purchase.
Mental Mental.jpg Free Jean-Yves Vocisano This app can make concept maps Mental-example.jpg
Mind Map Memo Mind Map Memo.jpg Free takahicorp Mind Map Memo-example.jpg
Mind Map Memo Pro $2.50 The difference from the free version is not stated.
Mind Tux Map Mind Tux Map.jpg $3.50 This app can import and export FreeMind maps. Mind Tux Map-example.jpg
Mind Tux Map Viewer Free This is a read-only viewer for Mind Tux Maps.


Mobile mapping apps from MindBlowing to MindMeister

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