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Mobile mapping apps from MindBlowing to MindMeister[edit]


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Mapping tool Logo iPad iPhone Android Publisher Comments Example
MindBlowing MindBlowing.jpg Free Chinese University of Hong Kong MindBlowing-example.jpg
MindBoard MindBoard.jpg $8 TomoakiOshima MindBoard Pro for S-Pen-example.jpg
MindBoard Free Free
MindBoard Pro/S-Pen Free
MindGenius MindGenius for iPad.jpg Free MindGenius Ltd. The mobile version of a well-established PC mind mapping tool. MindGenius for iPad-example.jpg
Mindjet Maps Mindjet Maps.jpg Free Mindjet LLC The granddaddy of them all. Mindjet produced one of the first software mind mappers—though not quite the first—so all these years later, it is probably the best established. This is their mobile version. Mindjet Maps-example.jpg
MindMap Creator MindMap Creator.jpg $3 Gentle Soft Makes mind maps with an organic look – can export to FreeMind format via email. MindMap Creator-example.jpg
MindMaple MindMapleL.jpg $5 MindMaple Inc. A capable mapper with task-management elements in nodes. Clear Help is available and the user interface design mean that you don’t have to guess how to use it. There is a corresponding PC tool (reviewed: and this is compatible with it. This is one of the rarer mind map tool entries that states the differences between Lite and Full. MindMaple-example.jpg
MindMaple Lite Free Lite limits the number of documents, does not allow creating and deleting map sheets in a document; Does not support hyperlinking to topics in this or other maps; and has limited clip art available.
MindMaple Viewer Free Read-only viewer for MindMaple maps. I’m not sure why you would want this, given that MindMaple Lite is free.
MindMapper MindMapper.jpg Free Free SimTech Systems, Inc.. This is the mobile realization of another long-established PC mapper – dating back as far as 1998. Its style is bold and clear (gentler styles are also available). MindMapper-example.jpg
MindMapper Lite Free Free Available, but no longer updated, because MindMapper’s full version is now free.
MindMaps Mindmaps.jpg $7 $7 Sumanth Raghavendra Difference between MindMaps and MindMaps Gold is not stated, and they are the same price. Mindmaps-example.jpg
MindMaps Gold $7
MindMaps HD $4 Rather unexpectedly, given the HD suffix, this is for the iPhone.
MindMapWriter MindMapWriter.jpg Free Crimsan This is in Japanese. MindMapWriter-example.jpg
MindMeister MindMeisterL.jpg Free Free MeisterLabs This is an offshoot of one of the first and best known online mappers. You can use it stand-alone on an iPad or iPhone, but connecting up to maps online needs a subscription to the web service. MindMeister-example.jpg


Mobile mapping apps from MindNode to Schematic

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