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Mobile mapping apps from MindNode to Schematic[edit]


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Mapping tool Logo iPad iPhone Android Publisher Comments Example
MindNode Mindnode.jpg $10 IdeasOnCanvas GmbH The mobile version of the popular Mac-based desktop tool. Simple, clean design. An unusual feature is that it allows the creation of multiple mind maps in one window. Mindnode-example.jpg
Mindo MindoL.jpg $8 Laterhorse A conventional mapper, boosted by its ability to import/export from/to Xmind, MindManager, FreeMind and OPML, and protect maps with a password. Mindo-example.jpg
Mindomo MindomoL.jpg Free Free Expert Software Applications Srl This is an offshoot of a well-known online mapper but it can be used stand-alone on an iPad. Mindomo-example.jpg
MindPreview MindPreview.jpg $1 AllTing Soft Can import/export from/to FreeMind files. Claims to be able to open Xmind files, but as I was unable to see the files in my DropBox, even after connecting, I was unable to verify this. MindPreview-example.jpg
MindSketch MindSketch.jpg $1 Nor Software Can make mind maps, concept maps, process maps and flowcharts. MindSketch-example.jpg
MindSketch Lite Free The limitations of Lite means that this is little more than a demo version.
Oovium Oovium.jpg $10 Aepryus Software This includes a mind mapping function; it is an intriguing, not to say revolutionary, app but it does have a learning curve. Oovium Mind Map-example.jpg
Oovium Mind Mapper $6 As a mind mapper … idiosyncratic. It is Oovium without the calculation capability.
Pearltrees Pearltrees.jpg Free Free Broceliand SAS Your maps will be public and accessible only on line unless you subscribe to one of the paid options. Pearltrees-example.jpg
Popplet Popplet.jpg $5 Notion Allows unlimited Popplets on your iPad, but to have unlimited Popplets online, and all the features, you will have to subscribe. Popplet-example.jpg
Popplet Lite Free Lite offers only one Popplet, stored on your iPad. One reviewer on iTunes wrote “Cannot move popplets from Popplet Lite to Popplet”. Perhaps this was true when written, but there are now instructions for making this move on the iTunes page.
Prezi PreziL.jpg Free Prezi Inc. A presentation tool with mind mapping in its DNA. You can also see the example here as a live Prezi. Prezi3.png
Prezi Viewer Free Provides read-only access to Prezis
SchematicMind SchematicMind Free.jpg Free QDV Softworks SchematicMind Free-example.jpg


Mobile mapping apps from SharpMindMap to 3A Mindmap

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