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This list is limited not only to the most popular, best-established mappers, but also to the main products in each selected publisher’s line-up. Some of the publishers mentioned below have Free/Lite editions which have an entry in the main list but don’t appear here. <<= Back to main page

Mapping tool Logo iPad iPhone Android Publisher Comments Example
iMindQ (prev DropMind) DropMind.jpg $8 Seavus DOOL DropMind is a well-established tool with PC and on-line versions (reviewed here.) DropMind-example.jpg
iMindMap IMindMapL.jpg Free Free ThinkBuzan The way iMindMap operates on small iPhone screens is the best I’ve found. IMindMap HD-example.jpg
iMindMap HD Free Free The tool most capable of making organic mind maps as Tony Buzan envisages them. iMindMap HD Plus is obtained via an in-app purchase.
iMindMap HD Plus $14
Inspiration Maps Inspiration Maps.jpg $10 Inspiration Software, Inc. Very flexible and capable. Worth the cost. This can make concept maps as well as mind maps. Inspiration Maps-example.jpg
iThoughts IThoughts.jpg $8 Craig Scott This has the same import/export capabilities as its elder brother, iThoughtsHD. IThoughtsHD-example.jpg
iThoughts HD $10 This should be in the toolbox of every mindmapper with an iPad. It is full featured, good looking, under constant development, is easy to use and has exceptional import/export capabilities.
Kidspiration Maps Kidspiration Maps.jpg $10 Inspiration Software, Inc. Inspiration Maps for the younger user. Kidspiration Maps-example.jpg
Lucidchart Lucidchart.jpg Free Lucid Software Inc. Can make mind maps as well as flowcharts, wireframes, UML diagrams, Venn diagrams, and even iOS mockups. Lucidchart-example.jpg
MindGenius MindGenius for iPad.jpg Free MindGenius Ltd. The mobile version of a well-established PC mind mapping tool. MindGenius for iPad-example.jpg
Mindjet Maps Mindjet Maps.jpg Free Mindjet LLC The granddaddy of them all. Mindjet produced one of the first software mind mappers—though not quite the first—so all these years later, it is probably the best established. This is their mobile version. Mindjet Maps-example.jpg
MindMaple MindMapleL.jpg $5 MindMaple Inc. A capable mapper with task-management elements in nodes. Clear Help is available and the user interface design mean that you don’t have to guess how to use it. There is a corresponding PC tool (reviewed: and this is compatible with it. This is one of the rarer mind map tool entries that states the differences between Lite and Full. MindMaple-example.jpg
MindMapper MindMapper.jpg Free Free SimTech Systems, Inc.. This is the mobile realization of another long-established PC mapper – dating back as far as 1998. Its style is bold and clear (gentler styles are also available). MindMapper-example.jpg
MindMeister MindMeisterL.jpg Free Free MeisterLabs This is an offshoot of one of the first and best known online mappers. You can use it stand-alone on an iPad or iPhone, but connecting up to maps online needs a subscription to the web service. MindMeister-example.jpg
MindNode Mindnode.jpg $10 IdeasOnCanvas GmbH The mobile version of the popular Mac-based desktop tool. Simple, clean design. An unusual feature is that it allows the creation of multiple mind maps in one window. Mindnode-example.jpg
Mindomo MindomoL.jpg Free Free Expert Software Applications Srl This is an offshoot of a well-known online mapper but it can be used stand-alone on an iPad. Mindomo-example.jpg
Popplet Popplet.jpg $5 Notion Allows unlimited Popplets on your iPad, but to have unlimited Popplets online, and all the features, you will have to subscribe. Popplet-example.jpg
Prezi PreziL.jpg Free Prezi Inc. A presentation tool with mind mapping in its DNA. You can also see the example here as a live Prezi. Prezi3.png
SimpleMind+ SimpleMind+.jpg Free/
ModelMaker Tools A capable mapper. The full version is obtained by an in-app purchase and is well worthwhile. SimpleMind+-example.jpg
SimpleMind Free Free/


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