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Mobile mapping apps from SharpMindMap to 3A Mind map[edit]


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Mapping tool Logo iPad iPhone Android Publisher Comments Example
SharpMindMap SharpMindMap.jpg Free Kvagus Not beautiful, but flexible and allows any-to-any connections (similar to concept maps) which is often useful. SharpMindMap-example.jpg
SimpleMind+ SimpleMind+.jpg Free ModelMaker Tools A capable mapper. The full version is obtained by an in-app purchase and is well worthwhile. SimpleMind+-example.jpg
(full version) $5
SimpleMind Free Free
SimpleMind $5
Todo Maps ToDo Maps.jpg Free Wen Wu Li ToDo Maps-example.jpg
(unli- mited) $8 An in-app purchase allows unlimited maps.
Total Recall Total Recall.jpg Free Total Recall Free version limited to 3 maps; an in-app purchase allows unlimited maps. Total Recall-example.jpg
TreeNote TreeNote.jpg Free Toshinori Hanya TreeNote-example.jpg
Trout Trout.jpg $3 Digital-Dirtbag There’s more to this than meets the eye. It can make concept maps (any-to-any connections and linking phrases on relationship lines) and offers more customizability than some mappers. It even incorporates an audio recorder, Safari view and free-hand sketching. It can export to FreeMind and OPML. Trout-example.jpg
ViDia ViDia.jpg $7 Genarks Apps This is a flexible diagramming tool that includes the ability to make mind maps, process maps and flowcharts. ViDia-example.jpg
WeCollabrify WeCollabrify.jpg Free IMLC Developer This Android app can make concept maps WeCollabrify-example.jpg
xLine XLine.jpg $4.5 adnX SARL XLine-example.jpg
3A mind map 3A.jpg Free Yanfeng Lin This is in Chinese. 3A-example.jpg

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