Project management with mind maps

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Project planning[edit]

See separate section: Project planning with mind maps


Organizing information[edit]

Sharing project information[edit]

Presentations to project teams[edit]

See also: Project teams

Project monitoring and progress management[edit]

Software support[edit]

Several major mind mapping software products have support for the kind of data that project managers need for planning and progress: MindManager, iMindmap and Novamind are some.

Mindjet has a Gantt-chart product that integrates with MindManager. Gyronix sells a product, ResultsManager, that scans project maps and generates dashboards, helping provide a focus on priorities, successful outcomes and next actions. Another in this field is TPAssist.

Visual project reporting[edit]

Disseminating project info to team members[edit]


Progress maps

Accessing past records easily[edit]

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