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WikIT:Privacy policy

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G&A Management Consultants Limited are the owners of the web site, including this wiki.

We do not collect personal data at this web site in the form of data submitted by the data subject other than when users register as editors or voluntarily add it to their 'Talk' pages. Personal data collected during registration will only be used to contact you about WikIT and material that you may have edited, and that only rarely, if at all.

If you send us an e-mail, your name and e-mail address would be used only for the purpose of replying or providing requested assistance or directly-related matters.

If you click on a link to another domain on any of our web pages (i.e. a link to any URL or web address that does not begin you should look for that web site’s privacy policy before supplying any personal data. This privacy policy does not apply to any such linked web site.

Data subjects or a relevant persons have the right to request access to and correction of personal data. Such requests may be made by e-mail to privacy(at)gandanet(dot)com(dot)hk, (this address may not be used for the purpose of direct marketing), please adjust the email address to make it valid, or by post to The Data Protection Officer, G&A Management Consultants Limited, 22/D, 58 King’s Road, Hong Kong SAR, China.