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The Antikythera device

This machine – this lump of corroded metal – fascinated me when I read of it a decade back.  Could it really have been made more than 2,100 years ago? There were tantalizing hints of a complex geared mechanism, but the corrosion made speculation about it little more than wild guesswork.  For long after its […]

New York as few have ever seen it

How long before this type of flying is forbidden? From a post by Aaron Saenz. 

A most unexpected evening

We had a family outing.  It started as a company-sponsored buffet and ended quite unexpectedly as an awesome art event.  The buffet was in a private club.  Not one I’m a member of, but one that my wife’s company had booked for the occasion. My son went wandering and exploring after the meal, and came […]

A most unfortunate juxtaposition

  OK, it’s a goose not a duck, but it’s still a cracking example of contextual advertising gone wrong.

A Music Typewriter

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