UFOs and UAPs

Dan Carlin on Twitter “Many of you have been asking my thoughts on the UFO/UAP congressional hearings. So I wrote a piece about it. Here it is if you want to read it (free of course).


Good article. I don’t credit this US “whistleblower’s” claims as being true. It’s all claims of what “credible people” have assured him is true. 40 people is the number I think.

Like all conspiracy theories, if they were true, someone would have leaked hard evidence directly. Conspiracy theories always depend on a large body of people keeping a secret for a long time. A good example is “the moon landings were fake”.

The number of people involved in the moon landings – thousands – means that there are thousands of witnesses to their truth. If the images had been filmed in a studio and post-edited to simulate low gravity, dozens (at least) would have to have been involved. And they never explain why they made the effort to fake six moon landings, apart from all the physical evidence. Even today, scientists can aim a laser at a reflector that was placed by the astronauts and see it reflected back.

Anyone who had seen actual alien technology who came out in public to attest to its whereabouts would instantly become world famous. Yet there are said to be many in the US govt who have seen the technology. It’s not credible that they would all maintain silence for years.

Perhaps the slam dunk argument is that if the US government actually has evidence, the President would have to know.

Can anyone imagine Trump keeping this secret if he’d been told during a security briefing.

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