A most extraordinary bookshop – in China

First impressions were that it was mainly set up to attract photographers but as we walked around, we could see that this was a most unfair conclusion.

Books in the upper parts of the spirals were, not surprisingly, fake. Otherwise they would have fallen out. But as we moved along, we realised how extensive the shop was, in many rooms, in many inspirational styles.

And there was provision for free reading in many rooms with the result that there were people sitting everywhere, adults and children, reading.

It’s a design triumph, where the spiral displays are just to suck people in and get them reading, with no overt push to buy. There were places where you could buy drinks, but again apparently to meet a need, not pushy.

This is the Shenzhen Zhongshuge bookstore. It is over the HK / mainland boundary and a longish Metro journey from the boundary facilities.

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