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About WikIT

WikIT, InformationTamers' mind mapping wiki, was founded in 2008


WikIT was the first wiki to concern itself only with information mapping in its many forms, and may still be the only one. As a result, readers are self-selecting - if they're reading WikIT, you can be sure they are interested in mind mapping and similar techniques.


WikIT provides an extensive source of information on techniques and uses of mind mapping, concept mapping, idea mapping and other forms of visual modeling (see the All Pages article for a full list).


It is promoted through Twitter, Twibes, blogs and other forms of Social Media, and receives frequent third-party recommendations:

    • "@visualmapper The best Mind/Visual/Knowledge mapping resource, and it's FREE:" (Wallace Tait)

    • "WikIT 'How to make a Mind Map' ? it is one of the best explanations on the internet ? take a look! ..." (Paul Foreman)


April 2010: Total Hits 245,057   Total Pages 78,010
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