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Company / Author[edit]

Ideagen PLC


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What they say[edit]

“Allclear Flowcharter is the most comprehensive, easy to use, and powerful software for producing:

  • Flowcharts
  • Organization charts
  • Decision tree diagrams
  • Fishbone / Ishikawa diagrams
  • Process maps

Flowcharter utilizes a unique text-to-chart functionality – allowing you to enter text in one window while the software creates the diagram for you. Allclear Orgcharter is a fast and simple solution for creating, updating and formatting all tree diagrams, including:

  • Organizational charts
  • Tournament grids
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Family trees
  • Hierarchy layout diagrams
  • And other types of hierarchal structured documents

Allclear Analyzer is an intuitive process creation and analysis tool used to create process maps and analyze or simulate the optimum processes in your organization, helping you choose the best path to follow.

With Allclear Analyzer you will easily be able to create:

  • Flowcharts
  • Organization charts
  • Decision tree diagrams
  • Fishbone diagrams
  • Process maps


  • Automatically calculate and highlight possible, optimal, and critical paths
  • Identify the most likely path your process will take based on the probabilities you choose
  • Combine different paths and analyze them jointly
  • Analyze paths using multiple start and end boxes
  • Use the ‘work’ spreadsheet for scratch computations without having to leave Allclear to use a separate spreadsheet program
  • Use data structure templates to quickly setup the analysis of your processes
  • Use the ODBC wizard to access existing process data
  • Record multiple scenarios for comparison
  • Use deterministic simulation
  • Use probabilistic simulation using the Monte Carlo method
  • Plot bar, line, area, step, combination, horizontal bar, pie, XY (Scatter), radar, polar, bubble, hi-lo, 2 or 3 dimensional graphs of your analysis results
  • Use animation to play back paths”


This software produces functional diagrams from text. Although billed as flowchart software, it also makes organization charts and process maps and includes a process analyzer. G+

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Price: US$349  |  Status: Current  |  Date added: 2013-12-12

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