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What they say[edit]

“The ConcepTool project aims at building, modifying, and combining domain knowledge bases and application ontologies.

  • ConcepTool uses different kinds of reasoning services at the conceptual level to perform a detailed analysis of a knowledge base. Analysis checks the consistency of this knowledge and highlights its implications, i.e. further relationships between concepts derived by their respective structures and by their mutual constraints. The reasoning services used for analysis provide deductions based on Description Logics, linguistic inferences based on lexical ontologies, or heuristic inferences based on structural rules.
  • ConcepTool can model the static part of UML classes, OKBC class frames, DL classes, UML associations, ER relationships, and DFD or IDEF processes using a frame-based knowledge representation. Each of these concepts can include own and template slots with facets (e.g. attributes), partonomic and taxonomic relationships, and global constraints (e.g. disjointness or coverage).
  • ConcepTool supports the virtual combination of different domain knowledge bases and application ontologies, creating a shared view of their common components called articulation. Potentially related concepts are proposed using the available reasoning services and detailed mappings are automatically introduced to relate source concepts to their images in the articulation.”


Said to be freely downloadable, but now the link produces a ‘Forbidden’ message. Last updated 2 August 2003.

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