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Company / Author[edit]

newthinking network / Berlin


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What they say[edit]

“DeepaMehta is a software platform for Knowledge Management. Knowledge is represented in a semantic network and is handled collaboratively. DeepaMehta combines interdisciplinary research with the idea of Open Source to generate a true benefit for workflow as well as for social processes.

The DeepaMehta user interface is build according to research in Cognitive Psychology and accomodates the knowledge building process of the individual. Instead of handling information through applications, windows and files with DeepaMehta the user handles all kind of information directly and individually. DeepaMehtas user interface is completely based on Mind Maps / Concept Maps.

Works with all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).”


Requires more technical knowledge to install and run than most mapping software.

Their website[edit]

Operating System(s)[edit]

Linux | Mac | Windows

Price: can’t see a price  |  Status: Current  |  Date added: 2007-02-04

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