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Company / Author[edit]



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What they say[edit]

“Education Eye takes feeds from a wide range of sites that share innovative practice. If you would like to share some work you are doing through the Eye, the first option is to recommend a link where your content already exists (for example your blog or website). If you haven’t already shared your work and need to publish something new, a great place to share it is through Whole Education as we already link to their web content.

As an internet and social network mapper, the Eye collects and indexes content from hundreds of websites, blogs, news sites and others. It gives you fast search results to find content relevant to education. We’ve trained it to filter masses of content to find the stuff that is relevant (so you don’t have to). We then index it really cleverly. We contextualise the results and map links between articles to help you discover innovations that you also might be interested in. We check social networks like Delicious and Twitter to see what people are saying about these items to help reinforce how they are indexed, and we even cross-reference every article against each other to help provide context and make sure you find the best quality and relevance. It’s complicated, it’s really robust and it’s doing a lot in the background, but the end result is simple and hopefully really useful.”


I would describe this as a curated RSS reader with a graphic front end. As you would expect from the name its focus is education – with an innovation slant – but they are open to discussion with anyone wanting a version tailored for a different industry or organisation.

Their website[edit]

Operating System(s)[edit]

Browser based—— Price: Free  |  Status: Historical (defunct)  |  Date added: 2011-04-24

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