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Company / Author[edit]

Center For Technology in Learning, SRI International

What they say[edit]

“Learning Tool, a variation of MORE or Acta [Kozma (1987)] turns a hypertext principle (outline with nodes and graphical maps) into a learning tool. Learning Tool, which Kozma (1992) also sees as a cognitive tool, consists of a shell with three different levels: a master list, borrowed from the outliner principle, a concept map, in which each new line creates an icon, which in turn refers to the third level of note cards, into which the learner can enter his texts and pictures. The tool thus allows the user to create texts that are connected to each other by relations in the manner of an ideas generator, and thus symbolize the semantic web of relations in the texts. Kozma (1991) reports a study in which Learning Tool and the outliner Acta were used to support learning in English composition.”


(Old, working on new stuff)

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sample application


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