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Company / Author[edit]

IC21 Inc.


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What they say[edit]

“The main goal of this program is allowing users to store, modify and share mindmaps created on freemind. Also there is a major implementation that allows searching wikipedias in a mindmap fashion.

There are several implementations to improve content viewing.

XML you can convert any XML feed into a mindmap sorted by categories.

OPML you can also create a XML aggregator just by entering a OPML link.

Mindmap simple remote mindmap file (”


It’s still online, but I signed up and cannot upload my own maps. It says You have reached the limit to upload mindmaps (0 MB). Contact the administrator if you need to upload more. Its capability to map a Wikipedia article work. The ‘community’ link does not lead to a forum or other community, just an announcement that the authors will leave development to the community, but with no indication of how the community might participate.

Their website[edit]

Operating System(s)[edit]

Browser based—— Price: Free  |  Status: Historical (defunct)  |  Date added: 2010-06-19

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