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StandaloneVersion : 1.3.1

Company / Author[edit]

ISDT Group Ltd.


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What they say[edit]

“MetaChart Plus helps you to structure your mind with the established mind mapping-method.

  • Your preparation of papers, homeword, lessons or meetings will be clearer.You experience the knowledge deeper in a faster way.
  • You learn faster and more lasting vocabularies and masses of knwoledge (e.g. history).
  • You will plan more structured, faster and more efficient projects, meetings or lessons.
  • Your documentation is shorter, but clearer and concise.
  • You can integrate pictures for better cognitive learning in your MindMap.
  • You can easily integrate your Word-Documents, Excel-Sheets, PDFs, and others files in your MindMap. Example: You plan your paper with MetaChart Plus. So you can integrate your electronic literature according to the relevant topic.”


Mind mapping software, with, it seems, the ability to integrate files and folders to a limited extent. Most of the site is in German.

Their website[edit]

Operating System(s)[edit]


Price: EUR50  |  Status: Historical (defunct)  |  Date added: 2006-03-14

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