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…… add-on for MindManager

Company / Author[edit]

Olympic Limited


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What they say[edit]

“Power Markers is an extension for Mindjet MindManager 7 or 8 (for Windows) that adds a powerful list- making feature to MindManager’s visual maps.

If you use MindManager to keep track of small projects, useful information, or changing situations, then Power Markers will keep you in control, no matter how big your maps grow or how they are organised.

Power Markers picks out topics with common characteristics, sorts them, groups them together in lists, and puts them in a navigation window right next to your map. For example, you can see all the unfinished actions together in one place, and click on one of them to go straight there in the visual map, even if it is buried five levels deep.

This means that you have complete freedom to visualise your projects and organise information in maps, and can always get at the vital information without hunting around, searching or filtering. Your maps become much more powerful and usable – no more orphaned maps that were too difficult to keep up to date!”


You can buy two-licences for Power Markers at a greatly reduced rate. The free version limits Power Markers list to 15/map but is otherwise identical. Although MindManager has a version available for Mac, this product works with Windows only.

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Price: Free  |  Status: Current  |  Date added: 2010-06-13

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