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Company / Author[edit]

Synthis Corporation


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What they say[edit]

“The Synthis Process Modeler(TM) enables you to create information-rich process maps that quickly evolve to become valuable, multi-dimensional models of your organization’s processes. The Synthis Process Modeler is a flowchart-based documentation tool that makes it easy for business and operations people at all levels within the organization to visually map and document their business processes. Information-rich process maps Using simple drag-and-drop techniques, users can create information-rich process maps that link directly to existing documentation and systems. Published process models can be easily accessed via the Web or corporate Intranet. Dynamic relation model At any time, the process model can be queried to identify all direct and indirect object relationships. External information, such as published standards and regulations, can be imported as object libraries and associated with any process map or process step. The foundation for all of your process management programs With Synthis Process ModelerTM, building high-value process models that support more effective strategic and tactical decision-making is now within the reach of any organization.”


This modeler includes the conventional and useful swimlane layout. G+

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