Synthis Process Server, Integrated Knowledge Management Server

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Company / Author[edit]

Synthis Corporation


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What they say[edit]

“The Synthis Process ServerTM enables you to keep all of your electronic documents and records in a secure, centralized repository.

Files are stored in a familiar folder structure, but they can be organized into multiple views, and made accessible to multiple audiences by assigning different user, group and role-based permissions.

Electronic Document Management

Synthis Process ServerTM is a Web-based content management server that makes it easy for authorized users to check-in and check-out files from a centrally managed content repository that is easily accessible and completely secure.

Automated Version Control

In addition to providing automated version control, Synthis Process ServerTM maintains a complete change log, revision history, audit trail and document archive. The Process Server also makes it easy to manage user, group and role-based permissions to control document access.

Web-Based Information Access

With the Synthis Process Excellence SuiteTM, process visualization and document access has never been easier. You can deliver multiple views of the same information to different users in a fully-searchable, Web-based format that makes information access and process navigation point-and-click simple.”


Enterprise-level information management and knowledge server. They also have free Process Modeler software.

Their website[edit]

Operating System(s)[edit]


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