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Exchanging mind maps between software - the go-to place for reference. Click on the i buttons for information

This diagram is the guide to all the entries in this collection of information about how mind mapping software can communicate.

Some packages have a built-in capability to import and export to other types of mind mapping software. Some can only be made to talk to other software if someone decides to make an XSLT or other translation enabler. Many software authors have kindly provided information about the format of their mind map or interchange files to facilitate this.

Each software product has its own page. Click the blue i button to visit the page. The basis for selecting software to appear here is the availability of schema, file-format or interoperability information. Authors of some software did not reply to me, others had nothing available at the time. When I get new information I'll add it in...
Please let me know about any mistakes you spot or anything you can add: roygrubb [at] the above domain.

Exchanging mind maps from different mind mapping software Mind Mapping Interoperability Map Interchange between 3D Topicscape, MindManager, PersonalBrain and FreeMind Interchange between Comapping, MindManager, and FreeMind Conception's pseudo-XML schema Consideo PM exchange format Reference to the OPML specification, the only interchange format available Configuration document for kdissert Interchange between Mind42, MindManager, and FreeMind Reference to the OPML specification, the only interchange format available Interchange between MindMeister, MindManager, and FreeMind Interchange between Mindomo, MindManager, and FreeMind Specification and other information about the format of NDSL concept maps PMM - Export a Project description document Information about VYM interchange Interchange between WiseMapping, and FreeMind Partial information about XMIND's XML files
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