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The master list of mindmapping authority sites
Category: Articles on mind mapping
Notable articles about mind mapping. Each link is either an individual article page, or a web location where many mind mapping articles can be found.
12 Manage - An e-learning site covering 12 management disciplines
What do you do when the brainstorming's done and you have to sort out the creative from the no-hope ideas, and the dumb from the maybe-that's-not-so-dumb-after-all? Visit 12Manage's page on Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats method.
Their page on mind mapping
3D Topicscape - 3D Topicscape software, mind mapping articles
Article about using mind mapping in project planning
Article about using mind mapping for research on the web
Article about styles of mind mapping
Article with hints on choosing mindmapping software
Concept maps Knol - The main Knol on Concept maps
The main Knol on Concept maps
Concise Learning - A site teaching study methods to students. Using mind maps and other methods for effective learning.
Visual mapping page
Eric Blue - Eric Blue's blog
A search that gives a comprehensive list of articles on mind mapping on Eric's blog
Freeform.computing.co.uk - Freeform blog from Computing, UK
Article: Mapping my way to organisation
Healthline - A site that includes information on mind mapping.
A page about the value of mind mapping and visualizing ideas.
Idea generation techniques: Mind mapping for graphic design - Graphic Design School Blog
The focused link is the one specifically about mind maps, there being much about other aspects of graphic design here.
InnovationTools - A collection of resources on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming, including information about many different types of software, resource pages and e-books.
Links to articles and online workshops about mindmapping
An article discussing the application of mind mapping software to project management..
Inspiration - A heavily mind-map-oriented site about insipration, health and sprirituality.
The focused link is the one with all beautifully hand-drawn maps in the Buzan tradition, for viewing in thumbnail and download.
Knowledge Forward Blog - Blog by technology industry analyst Craig Roth
Mind Mapping: Is It Finally Going to Take Off?
Learning Guides, mind mapping - The mind maps section of this study site.
This is a wow of a site with amazing mind map about study and learning
Litemind - A site about ways of improving mental efficiency.
A brief introductory article to mind mapping.
Michael Tipper's site - Michael is a speaker, facilitator and writer on business and educational applications of Accelerated Learning principles and techniques, Mind Mapping, Creativity, Speed Reading and Memory Improvement.
The mind maps section of Michael's on-line publications
Mind mapping Knol - The main Knol on mind mapping
The main Knol on mind mapping
MindMapBlog - Chance Brown's blog. Chance is a Learning and Development Specialist and Mindmapping Consultant. He says "Mindmapping has been an incredible tool for my success. It is my hope this blog helps others leverage the power of mindmapping."
Front page of the blog.
Mind-mapping.org - The master list of software that supports knowledge management and information organisation in graphical form. This is MindMapSearch.org's mother site.
Articles about mind mapping and project management.
Mind mapping articles collection.
Mindmaps Unleashed - A site with articles about the use of mind maps in many situations, as well as information on training courses and books.
Front page of the site.
MindTools - Open resource career training site
An article about mind maps
Nancy Margulies MINDSCAPES - Nancy's colourful and fascinating site mainly for introducing her artistic mindscapes and services
Front page of the site
Reforming Project Management - Blog about project management
Article: Mind map your way to project success
SPaMCAST - News about software process improvement and measurement.
Interview with CEO of Change Vision (auther of JUDE)
Stickyminds - Site about making better software
Article about agile modelling with UML and mindmaps
What are mindmaps - A site with articles on mind maps for beginners
Front page of the site.
WikIT, the mind mapping wiki - This is a wiki about mind mapping, concept mapping and other information diagrams. It has many useful articles with examples of practical use.
A list of major articles in this wiki. A good starting point.
XMind Users Ning - A community for XMind users.
Main page
Articles on mind mapping
Getting Things Done (GTD)
Information management
Mind mapping, education & training
Mind mapping and productivity
Mindmappers' blogs
Mind mapping books
Mind mapping communities
Mind mapping for innovation & creativity
Mind mapping in project management
Mind mapping links & resources
Mind mapping software
Mind mapping software (web-based)
Squidoo lenses about mind mapping
Videos about mind mapping
Wikipedia on mind mapping

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