HONG KONG - In the late 1970s - The Harbour 1978

HK Harbour; HK-Harbour.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [229]
Exhilarating ... though today we don’t often see the air as clear as this; IMG_4955.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [789]
From The Peak; Across the water, top right, the old airport: Kai Tak; From The Peak, 1978.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [553]
IMG_4973.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [790]
Home is a working boat, Jul 1979.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [791]
Hydrofoil-the-wake-1978.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [792]
Hydrofoil-1978.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [793]
IMG_4954.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [794]
IMG_9822.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [795]
Paint job; IMG_4977.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [796]
Emissions from ships burning sulphur-laden oil was a problem; This is now coming under control; IMG_4981.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [797]
Gentle waters in Deep Bay; IMG_4985.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [798]
Walla-walla in service; IMG_9814.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [799]
Cargo barges; IMG_9815.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [800]
Peeing into Aberdeen harbour; IMG_9829.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [801]
Walla-wallas tied up alongside the old Star Ferry piers; These were a kind of water taxi that, before the opening of the first cross-harbour tunnel, were the only way of crossing the harbour once the Star Ferry closed at night. Seen here are almost the last of them. ; IMG_9830.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [802]
IMG_9823.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [804]
Golden Hour; View from the western end of HK Island - Pok Fu Lam - the golden glow of sundown.; IMG_9826.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [805]
Aberdeen Harbour, 1978; IMG_9828.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [806]
Unloading cargo mid-harbour onto smaller vessels; With bonus car ferry...; IMG_9838.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [807]
IMG_9831.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [808]
Away from commerce, in the waters of the New Territories; IMG_9832.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [809]
IMG_9834.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [810]
All hands on deck; IMG_9835.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [811]
A large portion of this section of the harbour on the far side is now reclaimed land; IMG_9837.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [812]
Car Ferry; This one ran from HK Island to Jordan Road ; IMG_9839.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [813]
HK - Macau Jetfoil; It used 2 Boeing 747 engines to propel jets of water.
Since replaced. ; Jetfoil, 1978.JPG; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [814]
Non-tourist-junk.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [1042]
March-1985.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [1043]
The harbour could be moody (and still can); IMG_9836.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [2516]
The obligatory record of the Star Ferry; This is much as Star Ferries look today, though the pier seen here is no more, the water surrounding it having been displaced by reclaimed land. A new, smarter pier has been built closer to Tsim Sha Tsui, shortening the cross-harbour journey.; Star-Ferry-IMG_2934.jpg; ; ©ROY_GRUBB [2517]