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If you need to do some simple, quick mapping, you'll probably prefer to start in 2D. As the project or the information to be organized grows, you will often wish to take advantage of the unique 3D landscape view, that lets you take in so much more at a glance. For the ultimate in flexibility to meet a wide variety of information mapping needs, Topicscape gives you the choice between the two representations:-

  • A 2D Map with rectangular topics, where any topic can be linked to any other in either a parent-child relationship or a loose relationship. Any topic can be chosen as the one around which all other related ones are organized.
    With simple controls, this allows you to swing your 2D Map in 3D so that even a very large map can easily be explored and exploited to the full.
  • A 3D Landscape for advanced Topicscapers that extends visibility still further and allows you to recognize where you are immediately by the 'lie of the land'.

These are not commitments you have to make when you start to use Topicscape, or when you open a new one. You can switch at any time using the button at the left end of the toolbar and see the same part of your Topicscape in the alternate view.

If you are in the 2D Map, the button will look like the one on the left, below, to show that clicking it takes you into 3D. To move from the 3D Landscape to the 2D Map view, use the one shown on the right.


When you don't have your hand on the mouse, we recommend using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+w which switches the view back and forth between 2D and 3D.

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