2D flight controls

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2D flight controls

There are two ways of controlling the 2D Map, the Cooliris approach where you drag the map with the mouse, and the Alternative style, where the mouse controls your point of view (like flying).

Mouse drag:


Drag the Map, and it will swing away from you for a perspective view, and move the Map in the direction of your drag.

Alternative style:

Drag the Map, and it will swing and move your viewpoint in the direction of the drag, along the Map. This is the reverse of the Cooliris approach. See which suits you better.

Prefer sliding to swing-and-slide?

If you prefer not to see the map swing first, just hold the Ctrl key down for all of the above actions and it will slide instead.

Cursor keys:

Cooliris-style and Alternative controls are the same when using cursor keys. Both swing the Map, then slide your viewpoint in the direction of the arrow you pick.

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