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Can I import 2D mindmaps to Topicscape so that I can work with them in 3D?


3D Topicscape can read 2D diagrams directly from FreeMind and Mind Manager files.

Other 2D software has an export facility that will produce an outline-format text file. 3D Topicscape can read such a text file and build a new Topicscape that reflects the structure of the diagram. Please search in the Topicscape Help system for the phrase "Converting from other software".

On the right, you can see an example Topicscape that is included in the Topicscape installer "Topicscape in your life" as it appears in 2D in FreeMind.

Once you have imported a 2D map, you can build 'anything can link to anything' maps, that cannot normally be expressed in a 2D mind map. If you then export such a Topicscape to FreeMind, some information will be held in it that allows Topicscape to re-create the same structure, but it cannot be viewed fully in FreeMind itself.

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