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3D Topicscape Pro is the full-on information organizer. . .

. . . that gives you more flexibility in how you organize your information by introducing loose associations. As the same piece of information can appear in several places (without dangerous duplication) you can find things more quickly. It lets you make full 2D or 3D concept maps by describing associations. Importantly, for version control, it helps you spot duplicates before importing with the duplicate-check tray.

Quickly and continuously improve your information organization as you go - see new relationships, merge topics together and merge folders into topics. Add rich text descriptions (color, fonts, images) to topics and occurrences. Make your Topicscapes portable - Pro supports thumb drives.


Open items stored in Topicscape directly in other software such as Outlook tasks or calendar items (live links, not copies), connect Topicscapes together with precision links to a specific topic in another Topicscape. From your 3D landscape, open a daily-check website or a record-keeping spreadsheet with just a click. This is a real time saver and, with its promoted icon, an excellent memory tickler.

Finding stuff

Search using Google Desktop or Windows Desktop Search if installed. Do rapid local searches as well as Topicscape-wide searches. Save time by previewing files in the Topic Center (choose from three preview sizes), flagging topics and occurrences as favorites or even seeing a topic's contents from the landscape view, without going to the Topic Center. Highlight key information and spot it quickly by flagging important topics, color-coding your occurrences (files and notes) and get older material out of the way by flagging files as 'finished with' for convenient grouping and retention.

Extensive import and export capability

Bring existing work straight from other software into Topicscape with the extended import capability of Pro. Mindmanager 5, 6, 7, Personal Brain 4 and FreeMind (0.9.0 and later) files can all be imported. You can even export back to FreeMind. Use the work you do in Topicscape in other contexts by exporting to OPML, and HTML (with hyperlinks to occurrence files) and plain text (with paths to occurrence files).


Pro has three modes to provide a staged introduction to its powerful features. Like all versions it has an extensive self-running demo which you can control. Customize Pro to your needs: Includes 15 skins to provide an appearance to suit different circumstances and tastes. Further choices can be made from color schemes, textures and shapes.

The comparison

You can see how the Lite and Student Editions vary from Pro in this detailed comparison of features:

Topicscapes comparison.png


note 1. Degrees of freedom when flying in the landscape: Slide up and down; Slide left and right; Fly forward and backward; pitch up and down; Swivel left and right; Zoom to and from a topic; Zoom to the center of the view.

note 2. In Topicscape, we might have a topic "France" and another "Paris". Paris would be the child topic of France. The PE feature allows specific phrases such as Paris "is the capital of" France.

note 3. MaxMHT can save most web pages in full and with the original format as they appeared when you viewed them on line.It can save most Flash sites, sites that use off-server CSS, and even Javascript (client-side, i.e. in your browser). This now includes many sites requiring log-in, and RSS feeds.

note 4. 3DT files interchangeable between SE and PE, but only occurrences with the permitted filetypes will be visible. If a Data Repair of a PE database is done by the SE Data Repair, it will delete the filetypes that not are supported in SE.

Download locations:

Topicscape Lite and Pro

Topicscape Free Student Edition

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