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While you're studying or writing a term paper or homework, have you ever wanted to find a web page or a note that you know you once had but can't track down?

3D Topicscape Student Edition (SE)

is FREE computer software that can help you organize your study and find information later.

It is also a flexible way for you to sort out your thoughts and approach on a new project even before you have collected any files or information. It is a valuable study tool, especially when researching on the Web.

What it can do for you

3D Topicscape SE lets you organize your notes, preparations for term papers, web research findings and your reference information in a very new way: in 3D. You choose the topic names and organization and you can easily re-organize as new information comes to hand or new ideas develop. You copy files and information onto topics, and connect topics yourself, so they will reflect your own way of thinking when you go back later to find them. You can use words or phrases to find a document by 3D Topicscape SE's keyword search. Or if you can't remember the right words, you can fly around the 3D scene, tracking an item down by topic. Topics can represent concepts, subjects, categories, or classifications.

How it does that

It shows you more at a single glance than any other method. It shows you how the information is related. And all in a 3D landscape that you can fly through while recognizing familiar places for quick access to information that you need, when you need it.

What you can do with it

Search, not only by keywords but also by concept. You can drag files into 3D Topicscape SE and it will take charge of them.

Then, you can add to the Associations (relationships, see Associations:Associations:, p.8) between Topics in a way impossible with folders and describe how topics are associated (Paris is the capital of France, for example). Above all, it solves one of the biggest problems of organizing information: In 3D Topicscape SE the same item (topic or information fragment) can appear in several places simultaneously - without making copies.

This allows flying around the 3D landscape, homing in on the area of search, making that the center of the 'Scape, and exploring further. 3D Topicscape SE supports text search - just key in the keywords or phrase (no need for F3 or Ctrl+F) and press Enter and you'll see a list of hits. There are several ways of filtering further or sorting them if there are too many entries. But if you can't remember the right words, you can switch to the concept search.

How you can use it in your study and hobbies

Organize the information you use regularly and have it to hand in a form that quickly becomes familiar so that you recognize 'where you are' in a Topicscape.

Organize your study projects by building 3D landscapes of information as you research on the web.

Keep well-organized notes and reference material to make revising a breeze. Remember information easier, as the colors and places of your 3D mind maps prompt your memory of the material you researched, wrote and saved.
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