Appendix G: License installer

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Install your free license as follows:

  1. If you haven't already, download the latest version of 3D Topicscape Pro from the main download page
  2. . . . and install it.
  3. Download the free, permanent license file from the same page and save it to your Windows Desktop.
  4. Next go to the Windows programs menu:
    Start > All programs > Topicscape Pro 2 > Topicscape Pro 2 License Loader.
  5. Finally download the additional skins from the same place and install them.

If you have difficulty with the license loading automatically, please refer to the on-line instructions which provide a manual alternative, but if this happens please let us know.

In case of difficulty, please refer to license problems.

3D graphics driver

Any problems with the appearance of the Topicscape window, or the program hanging is, in 90% of cases, due to the graphics driver being out of date.

Our installer encourages users to update and is generally able to guide them to the correct manufacturer's page. If you did not update your graphics driver when installing, please do so and re-run before reporting a problem.

Links to the main graphics manufacturers' sites can be found at Graphics hardware.

If that does not solve it, please go to the Help menu and select "Send error report...". This will open a panel with a list of log files. Please click in the select box of at least the top one (the more you select the better for our investigation). You will see the contents of the log in the pane on the right and you can scroll up to check that it does not contain any sensitive information. Please click Next>>.

You will be taken to our "Contact us" web page. Click on the "Attached file" box and press Ctrl+v to paste the log file location, add your email address and any message, type in the pink, anti-spam letters and press Send email. The log will allow us to look at the processes running in your computer, as well as the actions and any error messages from the last run of Topicscape.

If Topicscape doesn't run, you will find the log files in this directory:

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\<youraccountname>\My Topicscapes\.log

Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista

C:\Users\<youraccountname>\My Topicscapes\.log

(the above assume you accepted the default settings during installations) and email us at

In case of difficulty receiving or installing the license, please refer to the more extensive information here: License problems

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