Appendix H: Ways of running Topicscape

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The usual options, like using a desktop icon or an entry in the Start | Programs | Topicscape menu, are available but there are some other options. Using Start | Run, you can enter a command directly in the "Open" box to use various options of Topicscape as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Topicscape\bin\Topicscape.exe" -maintenance

Note that the quotes are necessary in this and all other options below.

This runs the data repair tool. That can also be run from within Topicscape, but this is an escape route in case you ever have trouble starting Topicscape as usual.

"C:\Program Files\Topicscape\bin\Topicscape.exe" -debug

This runs Topicscape and provides a messages window with an actions and error log. The same information will be captured (in all versions) in a log file that can be examined and then sent to us using the entry in the Help menu: "Send error report . . ."

"C:\Program Files\Topicscape\bin\Topicscape.exe" -new

Starts Topicscape and asks for the name of a new Topicscape file to make.

"C:\Program Files\Topicscape\bin\Topicscape.exe" "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Topicscapes\Personal Reference\Personal Reference.3DT"

Starts Topicscape using the file whose name and location is provided.

"C:\Program Files\Topicscape\bin\Topicscape.exe" -version

This briefly shows the build number, which is information that we may need to assist with error reports.

"C:\Program Files\Topicscape\bin\Topicscape.exe" -help

This shows the following options, as described in more detail above:

Usage: Topicscape.exe

(to execute a 3DT file that you used last time)

or Topicscape.exe 3DTfile

(to execute another 3DT file)

or Topicscape.exe [-option]

where options are:
-n -new open a new Topicscape
-h -help print this help message and exit
-d -debug open Topicscape with debug window
-m -maintenance launch Topicscape data repair tool
-version print product version and exit

The log files mentioned above will be in a folder (directory) C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Topicscapes\log\ When closing down, Topicscape clears up any log files older than 90 days, except that it will ensure that it will not delete logs if there are fewer than ten.

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