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Association lines indicate parent-child relationships.

In 2D, they are always visible.


In 3D, you can see them if a topic is selected and this feature is switched on by pressing F7. If you press Shift+F7, these lines will remain visible until you press Shift+F7 (or just F7) again. This also shows the 3D association type panels for Association types that you have edited. For more, see "Association lines" in the Glossary.

In 3D, you can choose from several ways of seeing association lines using a set of radio buttons on the right-hand swinging options panel:

  • See all association lines to topics directly or indirectly connected to this one (children parents and siblings) as shown in the example here;
  • See association lines to parent and child topics of this only (recommended during early use of Topicscape);
  • See association lines to parent topics of this only (recommended to experienced users);
  • Supress association lines (not recommended);

In the example, "Personal Topicscape" is the selected topic.

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